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About Richard Clay Architect, LLC

Richard Clay Architect, LLC is a full-service design firm for all types of structures;  Commercial,  Residential, Religious (sacred spaces) as well as Industrial buildings. We also perform site plan design and we work closely with our consultants that assist us with economical structural design & analysis, floor and roof system design, as well as plumbing, air conditioning and electrical design.  We provide permit-ready sets of construction documents for the various services that we offer. We strive to find a balance between the cost of construction and the ease of construction with clear, easy to read, easier to bid construction documents / plans so that the owner or the developer will receive the best finished product possible. One that will prove to be timeless.

We are located in beautiful Crystal River in West Central Florida, however Richard Clay Architect, LLC has performed design services throughout the State of Florida as well as the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic.  From the Golf Course to the Gulf Coast and all areas in between, contact us for all of your architectural design needs.

About Richard Clay Architect, LLC

Richard Clay – Architect is a Florida registered / licensed architect. He has assisted with numerous projects in the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic where he has traveled extensively overseeing the construction of luxury residences, including a home for famed fashion designer Oscar de la Renta and notable hotels, including Hotel Santo Domingo, Hotel Hispaniola, Hotel La Romano / Casa de Campo and La Terraza Tennis Center. He interned with William Cox and the late Charles W. Pawley and Robert B. Browne; all very notable award-winning design architects.

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Richard Clay Architect enjoys solving problems, any problems and possesses the ability to quickly analyze obstacles and 'roadblocks' and to offer solutions using off the shelf items in a different way that can save time and money compared to standard accepted methods.

There is a big difference between a structure that is designed and drafted to comply with building code prescriptive requirements (the minimum) and another that is designed and drawn to provide a practical and sustainable living and working space for many years to come. Quality and design-valued projects goes well beyond code minimums. Richard Clay Architect, LLC, looks for ways to ensure the reliability and performance of the structure well into the future, not to just meet the (minimum) code prescriptive standard of the day.  Please realize that "code", simply means "minimum", compare it to the minimum requirements that is needed to successful pass an examination when we were in school.  Minimum doesn't always mean quality.

Richard Clay Architect, LLC has construction-field experience to implement proven methods, industry standards, and innovative material practices in conjunction with the latest technology to create precise, code compliant designs regardless of project size. This is where actual knowledge, verses text-book knowledge, becomes a very valuable tool. Richard Clay Architect, LLC has also participated in numerous "design-build" projects.  We know how to execute a project from conception to delivering a completed and well-finished building.   

Richard Clay Architect was employed by a large South Florida General Contractor and was charged with the scheduling of both man-labor and the delivery of materials for a multi-million dollar building complex.  Richard Clay Architect, LLC has the know-how to expedite a Project and has acquired the abilities needed to satisfy your design needs.